To successfully lose weight it is essential to know a little about different types of food as well as how your daily routine influences the scales - do you know which are the most effective ways to lose weight and which aren’t? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Maybe you're about to throw in the towel, because no matter which diet you follow, you just can't seem to lose weight. Maybe you're one of those people who thinks you already have healthy eating habits. Or maybe you simply thought it would be a good idea to start taking care of yourself. No matter the reason, it is essential to have some basic knowledge about food and nutrition and therefore be able to achieve a much healthier lifestyle.

This quiz can be your first step towards taking care of yourself and getting the most out of a much healthier diet.

By answering 10 simple questions you will find out more about:

  • Healthy eating habits

  • Effective weight loss strategies

  • Foods to be included or avoided in your diet.